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Bringing well-being to life


Sustainability is central to how DenEast operates. We are committed to continuously improving our social, environmental and economic performance to positively impact employees, customers, investors and environment.


Sustainability is an integral part of DenEast Vietnam’s overall approach 


The company's approach is built on five platforms that are integrated into its overall business strategy: workplace, community, partnerships, environment and marketplace. These platforms address each dimension of sustainability in a way that serves customers' best-interests, improves the communities in which DenEast operates and maximizes value for shareholders, guiding efforts to become an increasingly sustainable organization.


Bringing well-being to the workplace - Fostering a healthy, diverse workplace of engaged employees


As an organization focused on well-being, DenEast is committed to providing a productive, healthy and safe environment for employees. In doing so, the company creates an open, transparent and communicative workplace that recognizes accomplishments and high performance. DenEast strives to engage its employees and leverage their talent, skills and passion to drive sustainable business results.


Bringing well-being through partnerships - Creating long-lasting relationships with partners


Achieving our long-term vision of becoming a sustainable organization requires collaborating with suppliers and customers to identify opportunities for developing solutions that drive mutual success.


By integrating sustainability throughout the supply chain, DenEast maximizes environmental, social and economic benefits for all stakeholders involved. Forging these long-lasting relationships serves as a catalyst for new ventures as market trends evolve and needs change.


DenEast is committed to managing its business in an environmentally responsible manner at all times. Environmental considerations guide energy use in our plant, water in our manufacturing processes and the types of packaging systems that we offer.


Eco-Friendly Packaging: We help our customers improve their sustainability through the range of flexible packaging systems offered. Aseptic and recyclable packages from Tetra Pak are convenient and eco-friendly, contributing to the reduced generation of greenhouse gasses, less waste and energy in producing and transporting product - this translates to lower costs and lower CO2 emissions. Tetra Pak aseptic cartons are made mainly from paper, a renewable resource sourced from responsibly managed forests, and can be recycled to create tissue, paper, and even furniture.

In general, cartons involve less packaging material in relation to the product they protect. Their combination of strength, lightweight and compact shape means a lower carbon footprint. Products in carton don’t require refrigeration, thus saving energy during transportation and storage.



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